View Full Version : visualization

02-12-2009, 11:17 AM
I was listening to my local sports radio station today like I do every day and they had a sports psychologist on talking about how pros prepare for games by going through plays and actions in their heads before hand. It occurred to me how similar a photography shoot is to it.

I've never really thought about it much before but I always go through all the details in my head before a wedding or shoot. I don't mean the final picture as much as the actual process. Where lights are going to be placed. The settings I'm going to use, focal lengths I might use, time lines and also little things like if there are going to be kids there having little treats for them or have something in mind to keep them occupied during the shoot etc.

Anyhoo, it's something I think is really important to do in a shoot but I've never read on a forum anyone talk about it so I thought I'd bring it up myself.

What do you guys think?