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01-22-2005, 12:41 PM
I´m writing from Sweden and I wonder if anyone has been shopping att Royal camera.com? Their prices are so extremely low so I´m suspicious that something is missing in the package. Consider 689$ for a Nikon D70 with lense, is battery missing or what? I saw that there were no warranty included.

I have e-mailed them and asked but they replied only -"Yes we are shipping internationally and it cost bla bla...."

I would be sincerely grateful if someone has any experience with them. Friends are coming over in March so I thought they bring it with them. In Sweden a Nikon D70 with lense costs around 1400$.

Many thank´s if someone helps me with this issue.


01-22-2005, 04:50 PM
Hi Tiki,

I have never personally used them but they have a rating of 1.9 out of 10 at www.resellerratings.com which is pretty horrible. Also, a few people mentioned that there were things that should have been in the box that didn't come with the camera, and they had to call and buy them. If I were looking for a camera I would definitely not buy from them. Also, in the future, a question like this should be posted in the "Where Should I Buy My Camera" section of this forum. Hope this helps!!

Andrew S.

01-22-2005, 07:22 PM
I´m writing from Sweden and I wonder if anyone has been shopping att Royal camera.com? Their prices are so extremely low so I´m suspicious that something is missing in the package. Consider 689$ for a Nikon D70 with lense, is battery missing or what? I saw that there were no warranty included.

I have e-mailed them and asked but they replied only -"Yes we are shipping internationally and it cost bla bla...."

I would be sincerely grateful if someone has any experience with them. Friends are coming over in March so I thought they bring it with them. In Sweden a Nikon D70 with lense costs around 1400$.

Many thank´s if someone helps me with this issue.


If it looks too good to be true... then it probably is. With no warranty? Not a chance. Whatever you don't spend now you will probably spend later.

Buy from a reputable dealer. Like B&H or Norman Camera. There is still a $100 rebate so its $899 (body). There are several of us on this site that have had good results with the Sigma 18-125 DC lens, as well, and it runs about $270. A nice lens which gives better range than the Nikkor 18-70 kit lens, and equal in quality.

Sorry to give you the bad news on Royal Camera.

01-22-2005, 09:46 PM
www.royalcamera.com is garbage. I have not personally bought anything from there, but I (just like you) was considering it simply because the prices were so low. I did some research and basically they are low because they sell you a grey market camera. This is a camera that is supposed to be sold outside the united states (IE: they are not an authorized dealer). The camera will have no warrenty and will come with only the camera body. As others have said on this thread, when you factor the cost of the battery, charger, and other necessities, it is more than you would have paid from a reputable dealer. You will also notice that there are a few internet sites that have the camera for the same price (most likely they are all affiliated) therefore do not buy from them either. I purchased my camera for a significant discount from www.digital1234.com. This company was exceptional and shipped a canon 20d with warrenty and all accesories (factory sealed box) for $1300.
Good luck

01-23-2005, 04:39 AM
Alright! It seems like it is too good to be true. Thank´s for your help! I´d better have a look at your suggestions and solve this elsewhere.

//Jonas ;)

08-10-2006, 04:12 PM
I posted this on another forum and thought i'd share it with you guys These guys are pretty bad.

Wow! I just dodged a "bullet" by NOT ordering from here. (http://www.shopcartusa.com/Product/1234B004/Electronics~Cameras~Digital_Cameras/Canon_EOS_30D/Show_All/#stores) I was going to order from Royal Camera but something told me the price, $989 for the 30D with 28-200mm lens included, was waaay low and too good to be true. So I checked the reviews and all were very positive. That got me to thinking, no bad reviews??? Turns out, the reviews are sorted from best to worst so all the bad reviews are at the end. WHOA!!!! The bad reviews are horrendous!!!

Check the reviews here. (http://www.shopcartusa.com/RoyalCamera/Details/ReviewsOrder_Worst/#reviews)

Then even worse, I checked the Better Business Beurau and all they had were bad reviews. Matter of fact, all of the places with the cheap prices had horrible reviews.

Man, I thought I was about to buy myself an $1100 EOS 30D but no luck. I guess i'll get it from the Camera Shop at my local mall.

08-10-2006, 04:13 PM
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Very Dissatisfied

Reviewer: angrycustomer2 (1)
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7/25/06 9:32 PM
Odered Canon Rebel XT body. Got no response after 6 days. Called and was told it didn't come with a battery, and for a mere $189 extra I could get the battery. Avoid these people.

Order Date 6/28/06
Very Dissatisfied

Reviewer: luis_bonetti (1)

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7/25/06 1:43 PM
I called this place about the Nikon d200 w/starter kit and when I ask what does it comes with they told me that with a lens, tripod and carring case. when I asked about the Baterry the Scream at me and said NO and then hang the phone on me .

Order Date 7/18/06
Very Dissatisfied

Reviewer: msmck10 (1)

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7/5/06 10:57 AM
I ordered a canon a620 digital camera from royal camera on June 30th2006.I called them to make sure they received the order and ask when it would be shipped.I was told they received the order and it would ship out that day as I needed it for a function the following weekend.I then receved a phone call from Larry at Royal Camera on July 4th.He then launched into a high pressure sales pitch telling me I had to buy a USB cable,an external power supply and software for the camera to work which added $100 to the cost.He also said it had not yet been shippped yet.I canceled the order-Larry was a jerk.

This review was modified by its author, msmck10, on 7/16/06 9:39 AM.

Order Date 7/30/06
Very Dissatisfied

Reviewer: don111 (1)

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6/30/06 4:04 PM
Purchased a Nikon camera; they told me with full US warranty and charged me quite a bit more than their advertised price for a warrantied camera. Service problem out of the box. Nikon tells me it's a gray market import and no warranty. Royal refuses to take back the camera unless I pay shipping costs and a 15% restocking charge. So I have a choice...pay Royal $255 + over $100 in shipping to get them to take back the camera or pay a service center hundreds to get it fixed, and of course, wait to get it fixed. Anyone else would replace the camera at no charge immediately, or give me a full refund.

Order Date 6/22/06
Very Dissatisfied

Reviewer: vp shopping (1)

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6/15/06 5:03 PM
I purchased a Sony Camcorder from this store. Take your money somewhere else! I DO NOT recommend that you buy from here. I tried to return the camcorder the same day I received it, you first need authorization - you cannot just return it! The stores policy states a 5% restocking fee, when I called for a return authorization, he quoted me 25% restocking because it's a camcorder. The truth is, this is one of those stores that just highly discourages return. The worst is still to come when you speak the rudest form of life. I would not recommend this store to anyone.

Order Date 6/7/06
Very Dissatisfied

Reviewer: aturiansky (1)

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6/1/06 12:55 PM
DO NOT order from this store. I ordered a camera for $140 and when it arrived I had been charged $229. When I called they explained that the $140 camera that I had ordered was an "import model" that is just the camera, and they sent me the "American model" which comes in a box with everything - cords, batteries, etc - and costs $229. When I complained that I had been expecting to pay $140, they said I could send back my American model and they would send me an import model, but I would have to pay an additional $29 in shipping for the replacement. (Shipping it back, which I ended up doing, cost me $10, including insurance...) They also said I could send it back and get a refund, which I did since I was no longer interested in doing business with this store, and since I had seen the same camera (in the box, the so-called "American" model) for significantly less than $229. After several phone calls I did eventually get a refund of only $200, since they deducted the $29 for shipping - even though I was returning it due to their own misleading pricing scheme. There is no explanation on their website that the low prices they list are "import" models that are missing everything you're supposed to get in the box with the camera. I had to call customer service several times and they were extremely unhelpful. I would discourage anyone to buy anything from Royal Camera. The prices may look low, but they are misleading.

Order Date 5/17/06
Very Dissatisfied

Reviewer: videodrone (1)

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5/27/06 12:52 PM
I was shopping for a Panasonc DV and found it at royalcamera.com If i'd known about this rating site I would never attempt to place my order. I called them and was told it was only the body. By adding all the accessories that normally come with the camera, the price shot higher than many other stores. I told them to cancel any order we were discussing and they hung up on me. Upset, I starting doing research on them on found a photograph of their store front. http://donwiss.com/pictures/BrooklynStores/h0009.htm
Once I saw this, I was like royal junk yard if you ask me......

08-10-2006, 04:14 PM


08-10-2006, 04:15 PM
Very Dissatisfied

Reviewer: ferd3700 (1)

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1/10/06 11:07 AM
On January 5, 2006, at approximately 12:00 CST, I placed an order with Royal Camera. The order was placed via telephone. I had called to order a Nikon D200 camera, a Nikkor 24-125mm VR lens, a Nikkor 80-400 VR lens, a Nikkor 105mm Macro lens, a Nikon MB-200 battery holder, batteries and a Nikon SB-800 flash. The company's website listed the camera with the first two lenses as their “Elite Package", priced at $3229. Upon speaking with the salesman, I was told that Nikon had two new lenses; an 18-125mm DX VR and a 50-500mm DX VR. I was told that a package with these lenses would be $3499. I was offered that package for $3299, which I accepted. I also ordered the other items and was quoted the following prices: Nikkor 105mm Macro lens, $479; Nikon MB-200 battery holder, $159; two batteries, $149 each and the Nikon SB-800 flash, $319. I also order three (3) ultraviolet filters and was quoted $39 each for them. I provided my credit card information and purchased the items. I was told that the total price, including shipping, was $4,960.60. I was told I would be immediately e-mailed a copy of my invoice. Approximately 30 minutes later I had the opportunity to total the costs of the items I had ordered, and found that total to be $4,671. I called the company back, and spoke with a man in customer service. He stated that two of the items I had purchased had different prices than I was quoted. He said the batteries were $299.99 each and the filters were $59.99 each. He stated that he would include a free rapid charger for the batteries and the total price was firm. I was again told I was being e-mailed the invoice.

I felt something was amiss, so I attempted to find information on the "new" Nikkor lenses. I could not find them on Nikon's website. I called Nikon and spoke with a technician. He stated that Nikon did not make those lenses.

I again called Royal Camera and asked to speak with a supervisor. I was told that the supervisor was in a meeting and that he would call me back in 20 minutes. 45 minutes later, I called and was transferred to a man who identified himself as Ronnie. I explained the situation and the inconsistencies to him. He went over the order with me. He stated the items and the cost as being $4759.92 plus shipping. I stated that I thought $200 for shipping, in today's market, was high. He became rude and stated that if I could get it somewhere else to try. I asked him why the salesman had stated that the package lenses were Nikon lenses when they were not. He said, "I don't know, why did he?". I asked him why he was acting like a jerk and treating a customer this way. He said, "Because you're a motherfucker!". I asked to speak with his supervisor. He said, “I’m the owner, you stupid motherfucker.". I told him I didn't want to argue with him, I just wanted the things I ordered, at the prices quoted with fair shipping charges. He said, "You're too stupid a motherfucker for this camera. You don't listen. I wouldn't sell you this camera if you begged me.". And, he hung up.

I called back and was transferred to Ronnie. I stated that I wanted to make sure my credit card wasn't charged. He said, " You’re too stupid to know if I did.". I reiterated that I was canceling the order, and my card was not to be charged. Ronnie eventually stated that the order was canceled and to never order from him again. I stated that I felt he was discriminating against me because I caught his company lying about their products and prices. He said, "I can discriminate if I want, you motherfucker.". I ended the call.

08-10-2006, 04:16 PM
Very Dissatisfied

Reviewer: wezbez (1)

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12/28/05 9:11 AM
I recentl purchased two cameras from royal camera on Friday the 23rd and when I got to the office on monday the 26th I noticed I had an e-mail to call and confirm my order. When I called to give them some info on my card the guy "Steven" tried to hassle me into buying a service contract and a battery for the camera, so I asked him why the camera doesnt come with a battery and he asked if I was stupid. I said I wanted to record the conversation and he refused that and so I asked him to cancel my order. He tried to show me on the site where the battery was but was never successful. He called me an idiot and told me to call customer service after the camera had shipped and then they will cancel my order. I refused and then he started talking about obsene gestures with my mother and wouldnt stop, he was like a nine year old trying to "piss me off" but it never worked. I continued to ask him to cancel my order and he said no and called me a loser and told me to get a life and hung up. I then called customer service and asked them to cancel my order and they said to hold on while they try something. A few minutes later "steve" gets on the phone and tells me to get a life and hangs up. This carried on for four more calls until I threatened them with legal action and eventually they promised the charge would be cancelled. To be sure I called my credit card company and explained what happened and they will be on the look out for my charge. NEVER will I buy or try ROYALCAMERA ever again and I hope no one else does either.

09-06-2006, 02:50 PM
Recently purchased a Nikon D200 from Royal Camera in New York. This was the worst buying experience I ever had. Called Royal to buy and asked what kind of warranty I got with the camera. No warranty...a “gray market” import. Said no, I needed a Nikon USA warranty. OK, they said, we’ve got cameras with that, will charge you more. So paid the same price I would have paid locally, but they had in stock and no sales tax. Got the thing, however, and noticed a) box in Japanese b) menus set to Japanese c) missing a CD packed in US models d) no warranty card and e) broken on/off switch. Called Nikon. They said there’s no way it carried a warranty; I’m on my own with repair. Called Royal. Only way they’d take it back was for a 15% restocking charge and I pay shipping both ways. Called Visa. They stopped payment. When time to return it, however, Royal would not send UPS to pick it up. I would have to pay shipping. Got Visa and Royal on the phone and they threatened to sue Visa for the payment. So Visa asked me to pay shipping, which I did. So no camera, minimum 3 hours of phone calls and claim with Visa, and I ate the return shipping charge. Whole transaction took about 2 months of aggrevation.

So no, I would not recommend purchasing from this vendor.