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Don Walsh
01-22-2005, 11:32 AM
I wiill start this off with a picture:ollie.jpg

Don Walsh
01-22-2005, 12:54 PM
Sorry about that, as I don't post much I inadvertently posted the message too soon, I am still fumbling through how to include an attachment,so I will continue.

I know the picture is not that good in terms of resolution on this site however I assure you that the original is a 3mb picture of good quality taken with my Nikon 990 the other day. It has been extremely cold here in Toronto (5-10 below zero F.) and there is nothing better to do to while away the hours than fooling around with my cameras and with Photoshop.

The picture is of a white/gray porcelain figurine set of Stan & Ollie, that stand about 14" high each and are finely detailed . I was trying different lighting techniques on the set on my dining room table and I had an idea. I wondered if I could transpose the guys into a digital photo/art type picture in Photoshop. It is still a work in progress. I am still trying to master techniques that I am learning for PS. It took me almost 3 hrs. to learn how to make that brick wall in the background (I am not a quick study). However, I have it down now and can probably do it in a photo in 5 mins. now. I wanted to share it with you to show where you can go with digital photography. I take many varied pictures and even have sold some of my work (to my amazment!)
I enjoy every aspect of digital photography/retouching/compositing /art and it all started from here. I posted the standard newbie question about how to get started in digital photography. The answers I received from Andy, George and John ( I still feel bad about you leaving your 990 on the plane ) and many others ignited an interest that is growing more every day. Thank you all of you. I just love it! I have rambled on enough now so here is the picture.TheBoys1.jpg Hope you like it ! Don Walsh