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10-28-2008, 11:04 AM
I really like this site very much. As a matter of fact, I think this site is one of very few on the web (the other one being dpreview.com) that does exhaustive and fair reviews with a really great technical foundation. I've been reading reviews here for years, and I have yet to find the first one where I could claim the review doesn't do the camera reviewed justice.

But, with that in mind, I saw the gallery of the upcoming Nikon D700 review - and was very surprised to see it shot exclusively with the Nikkor 24-120 lens, which is well-known to be the least sharp one in the entire Nikkor lens line-up.

The images from the gallery that I downloaded show this clearly: There is a very pronounced lack of sharpness in all of them. But this is to be attributed mostly to that lens (and a little, of course, also to the very conservative in-camery factory setting Nikon chose to use for sharpness).

Jeff, before you post a review, please do this camera some justice and get another lens; the Nikkor 70-200 f/2.8 or one of the 50 mm primes (f/1.8 or f/1.4) come to mind. Please!

I am aware that you can buy the D700 with the 24-120 as a kit lens, but honestly, how many prospective D700 buyers are going to do that? In the price range of that camera, for sure you are going to invest in some good glass.

10-28-2008, 11:04 AM
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Stefan Hundhammer
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10-28-2008, 01:33 PM
He did the Sonoma shoot with the 50mm f1.8. However, it's not like he has a huge choice. IIRC, most of the tests are done with manufacturer/distributor provided equipment.

This is a more consumer oriented site than dpreview, so I wouldn't expect to see a 24-70. The 24-85 would be a good choice, though it's a little long in the tooth. The 24-120 has AF-S and VR that the 24-85 does not.

Note that these are not the photos used in the review. I believe most of his actual test photos are taken with the 50mm, except for the photos that require telephoto. There, he probably will use the kit lens he has been provided.

BTW: There are now 8 DX zoom lenses, listed on the Nikon site, that start in the 16-18mm range. I think they've got it covered. They really need to get back to building some new consumer FX zooms.