View Full Version : Nikon 5200 vs Sony P150

01-20-2005, 09:54 AM

I have to decide between Nikon 5200 and Sony P150 :D .

On the Sony forum I was strongly biased to Sony P150. People there didnt even say a thing about Nikon 5200. The huge number of auto scene modes seems very impressive.

I hope I will get some information on performance of 5200 on this forum.
If someone could compare these both cameras based on their personal experience it would be great!

Nikon has great scene modes but does the lack of any sort of manual control (except for white balance) prove a bit harsh at some times? The Sony has flexibility in shutter speed control and aperture control.

Is the Auto Bracketing feature really great?

How is the movie mode in the camera?

Thanks a lot,

01-20-2005, 01:02 PM

To my way of thinking there is a HUGE difference between the Sony P-150 and the Nikon CP 5200. The Sony P-150 is a 7mp with scene modes and full manual controls. It is the Cadillac! The Nikon CP 5200 is basically a simple point and shoot 4mp digital camera with no/almost no manual features. It is the VW!

If 4X optical zoom, 4mp, and lots of scene modes are your priority, then save some cash, and look very closely at a Kodak DX-7440.

Sarah Joyce