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10-14-2008, 08:37 PM
I may be a bit slow but I just noticed that DPreview have their D90 review up here (http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/nikond90/) it seems to confirm what Jeff Keller said in his D90 review here (http://www.dcresource.com/reviews/nikon/d90-review/index.shtml).

10-14-2008, 09:13 PM
yepp. no surprises, looks solid.

10-15-2008, 03:34 AM
Try and keep up Richard.

10-15-2008, 05:06 AM
Try and keep up Richard.

Yes dad. :D

10-15-2008, 10:10 AM
I bought the D90 2 weeks ago before reading many reviews, and was hesitant to even read any afterwards not wishing to taint my own impressions if there were problems unearthed. My impression, the only one that counts when I am shelling out $1400, was very favorable from the first time I held a demo unit in my hand. The difference between my other main option (Canon 450D) had nothing to do with specs but a tactile impression of it just felt right. After 2 weeks of experimenting and learning it, it continues to exceed my expectations. The raw specs do not give the sum of the parts or specs justice. Under a wide range of lighting conditions, even an amateur like me, it is hard to take an unattractive shot. The images with all standard settings did benefit from a slight increase in contrast and sharpening which was very easy to set, however.
Even the video function, which did not enter into my purchasing decision at all, turns out to be quite a bonus. As the reviewers stated, there are limitations with lack of AFbut to have the benefit of high sensor sensitivity and quality lenses put a camcorder to shame in low light situations or where hi res is desired. Both reviews you mention cite the limits on recording time. In practical application, this is a non-issue. ANY video will be the edited combination of a number of video source files, and it would be quite rare to have a single source file longer than a minute. A real movie could be made from this camera if someone wished to, I am sure film students have already discovered the advantages of high ISO and a range of lens for their projects. The only problem is no Time Code sync but that can be jam synced in software in the editor. The sound is fine for field recording, mono but distortion and response good specs. I tried single tone tests and it measured at 0.056% Total harmonic distortion.

My use has been divided between the very good kit lens 18-105 VR and a 50mm 1.8 and My PP is done with CS3 Photoshop and a trial version of Capture Nx. Capture is very easy to use but is not as versatile as PS CS3, which is almost too feature laden to learn quickly.
I have been very happy with my choice, even if it more for feel than specs. I am on vacation in the US visiting family now but can't wait to get back to my adopted home of St Petersburg Russia which is one of the most visually interesting and beautiful cities in the world to finally get some quality photographs.

10-15-2008, 10:23 AM
Good review and great camera! I was surprised to see that the D300 had a slight edge in image quality, I thought it would be literally identical. But the difference is probably too small for us non-pro's to ever really notice.

10-15-2008, 11:58 AM
Supposedly they do not share the same sensor. I would imagine the D90's sensor has a better tolerance to long exposures (hense the video option) without the sensor overheating, but there may be some sacrifices made towards image quality in order to achieve that tolerance.

In any case, the D90 seems to be a great camera, and is making a huge impact on the DSLR world with its video recording. We are only at the beginning, and that means things will only get better with this technology.