View Full Version : Canon S60, Fuji E550, Olympus 410, Sony DSC-W1

08-08-2004, 01:25 AM
My head is swimming, I can't decide, and I still feel uninformed after a solid day of reading reviews and after 3 visits to Ritz.

1. The new Fuji Super CCD HR sounds fabulous if you believe Fuji. However I read in various reviews that Fuji has a history of inserting noise into photos. The Fuji E550 is too new to get real reviews but they say its a brand new processor. Can anyone advise on this?

This camera is also missing an AF Illuminator. Should I just forget it based on that? Can its new hi-tech internals make up for that.

AA Batteries are a winner. Lense starts at 32.5 - above average.

2. The Canon S60 is at the top presently. Only down sides seem to be soft images and proprietary battery.

Its huge plus is the 28mm equivilant lense, with attachment options.

My friends with Canons generally get great shots without having to think about it, and they seldom get frustrated with it not taking a shot. In other words, I trust this brand the most.

3. The Olympus 410 got some good reviews for being crisper. I especially liked the fact that it is weather proof.

4. The Sony W1 has a great LCD, uses AA batteries, and the Sony's have good writeups for image quality. The lense is only 38mm with is a big minus for me.

I realize the W1, E550, and S60 are extremely new, but I would very much like to hear from anyone with real experience with these.

Thanks greatly!