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01-17-2005, 01:56 PM
:confused: I am new to this whole digital thing, so I am hoping someone out there can offer some advise? I have a Kodak DX4530 camera and just bought an EasyShare 6000 Printer Dock. I quickly learned that the two were not completely compatible, but figured out that if I use an additional usb cable I can transfer pictures straight from my camera to the computer via the ports on the front of the computer and leave the printer plugged into the back of the computer. When I print though, I only get yellow lines on the paper. When I print a 'test page" the color is ok, but the botom part of the text is cut off. I showed this to a Tech at STAPLES and he said try new ink and paper. I did and it stll does the same thing. Any advise?

01-17-2005, 04:20 PM
First of all there are at least two Kodak printer docks. Secondly, not all Kodak digital cameras are compatible with either Kodak Printer Dock. Thirdly, there is no way that I know of to create a "work around" to make the Printer Dock work completely with your computer.

I would do this:

(1) I would return the Kodak Printer Dock to Staples and get a full refund.

(2) While I was at Staples I would purchase a chip/card reader that would handle the electron data chip from your Kodak digital camera. The chip reader will cost from $12 to $18.

(3) Install the chip reader. Take the chip out of your digital camera and put it into the chip reader. Now the Kodak Easy Share Software that came with your Kodak digital camera will now be able to to read, enhance, store and print your digital photos at a far lesser cost than you could have achieved with the Printer Dock.

Prints from a Printer Dock cost about 70 to 75 cents each
Prints made with your printer and Photo Paper cost 19 to 27 cents each

I hope this helps.

Sarah Joyce