View Full Version : vignetting + filters + the crop factorÖ

01-17-2005, 03:51 AM
Hi, it seems not a lot of you here use filters and I donít expect many or any responses, but Iíll give this a shot anyways:
Iím trying to buy a polarizer for the 17-85mm canon lens (yes i know some of you don't like this lens but it's a good compromise for now), but I really donít have any experience with wide angle lenses. Would vignetting be a problem with normal thickness polarizers? Would I need a thin polarizer? Or would the crop factor clip the edges of the frame anyway (the same way that the soft corners of many sigma lenses are clipped) and eliminate the vignetting issue? I want to do this right the first time (or more like second time, as I already have one 58mm polarizer that is too small for the 17-85mm) as those darned Hoya polarizers get pretty expensive at the larger sizes. would filters be unusable (due to vignetting) at 22-24mm even with the crop factor? - i plan to get a wide prime in the future that would equal around 24-28mm(after crop factor). i am having some trouble find info on this stuff online, so if you could answer any of these questions, it would be greatly appreciated. thanks.