View Full Version : I bought the warranty ....is it a good deal ?

01-16-2005, 05:04 PM
I bought my new camera today ! I got the Nikon Coolpix 8800 and I bought it from ibuydigital.com for 719.97 , which is a good price i think . I also bought the Nikon Warranty ..... The Rep sold me the 5 yr warranty for the 3 yr price of 89.99 . So for 89.99 He said they would cover everything ( except major damage from drops,ect ) for 5 yrs . Sounds like a good deal to me ?? What do you guys think ??

01-16-2005, 10:21 PM

Be sure to use the neck strap. Between the neck strap and the insurance you have most things covered. Watch out for the water hazards though.

Sarah Joyce

01-17-2005, 10:50 PM
My parents have both been in the insurance industry for about 30 years each. Therefore when I purchased my Canon 20d I asked them the best way to insure it. They told me about a policy available under your homeowners insurance specifically for photography equipment. It only costs about 20 dollars a year (If you are a professional it will be more) and it literally covers everything, from theft, to damage, to malfunctions. The only bad part about it, is if you submit a claim it is a "strike" against you. You are only allowed a certain number of strikes before you will have problems obtaining insurance. Any claim against your homeowners, whether it be someone being hurt on your property, or a claim where your camera was lost or stolen, will count as a strike. From my knowledge if you have more than 2 claims in 3 years you go into a certain level of risk and your homeowners could tripple in cost. Basically what I am trying to say is it is a good thing that you bought the warrenty if your camera malfunctions, but you may also want to look into what your homeowners policy will cover under the photographic equipment coverage. The extra 20 bucks a year isn't a bad idea just in case something happens.


01-18-2005, 12:06 PM
But you have a deductible to meet first , therefore thats not worth it .But thanks though . I'm happy with my decision and cant wait to get my camera !

01-18-2005, 10:29 PM
But you have a deductible to meet first , therefore thats not worth it .But thanks though . I'm happy with my decision and cant wait to get my camera !

When you specifically insure a piece of equipment, whether it be jewelry or photographic equipment (which has its own specific policy) there is no deductible. Like I said before, I don't think the warrenty was a bad purchase, but you may also want to insure it under your homeowners, just in case.


02-07-2005, 12:42 PM
I usually hesitate to add a negative comment once someone has already made a decision, but because you asked & this is an advice forum I'll put my 2 cents in.
I've read in Consumer Reports that most all "extended warranties" are not a good investment. Their reasoning is, you have a standard guarantee & the likeliness of not using the extended warranty plus considering repair vs. new replacement costs, they say that extended guarantees are almost always a bad buy, so I've avoided them.
When I started researching to buy a new camera, I read that this advice is even more true with digital cameras & high tech devices that are "evolving" so fast they are "obselete" before they even have a chance to get "worn out" or broken.

02-07-2005, 01:08 PM
when i got my kodak dx6490 at bestbuy a year or so ago, i got the warranty.
6 months later i got a new one bc i got sand in the camera. oops. :eek:
then i heard of the p150 and just traded the old kodak for a 7mp sony.
i told the geek squad that the camera was not performing like it should.

now i have the warranty on the sony and will probably upgrade in a year when something smaller, faster, and better comes out.