View Full Version : La Crosse BC-900 in Toronto/Hamilton, ON

06-27-2008, 06:59 AM
After reading about the Sanyo Eneloop batteries, I decided to grab the last 4 packs from my local Radio Shack/Source/Circuit City/whatever they're calling themselves now. I also bought the Eneloop charger kit and was planning on just using that, but after reading more it sounds like the BC-900 from La Crosse is much more highly recommended, so now I'm interested in picking one of those up.

I see at Thomas Distributing they're on for $39 right now, but I'm in Canada so then there's another $16 for delivery, and who knows what customs will tack on at the border. Amazon.com also has it for the same price, and with free shipping, but they don't seem to want to ship anything battery related to me (is it just my address they hate, or can they not ship batteries to Canada at all?)

So I'm wondering if there are any stores in the Toronto/Hamilton, ON area that carry this product? The only place I've come across so far wants $75, so I'm better off with Thomas Distributing and paying for shipping if that's the best local price there is.

Alternatively, what would be another recommended charger that is actually available in this area, and in the $30-$50 range? I really like that the BC-900 has 4 independent channels, and has a test mode, so ideally I'd like those features in a different charger as well.