View Full Version : Concern about 7070/5060

Geoff Chandler
01-13-2005, 04:26 AM
OK - so now I have done the homework - I finally found a C-5060 to handle and try - with the view to getting a 7070 when it arrives.

Looked OK - bit ugly but I'd get used to it - nice smooth zoom, clear screen, nice veiwfinder. Started trying the controls a bit and whilst in 'A' mode I found a couple of times the Aperture wouldn't change - the man the shop said - you just have to rotate the jog wheel and made it work after zooming it in and out a couple of times!! Then it was stuck on f4.8 and wouldn't go lower when I zoomed out. Did I miss something, do something not quite right?, or did I experience the dreaded Jog Wheel problem even before buying one.!?

I have serious reservations now - despite liking it.

OK so it was a 5060 - and hopefully the 7070 will have the prolem ironed out, does anyoe know anything - and did I do it wrong trying to change the aperture??


Jim Last
01-13-2005, 06:23 AM
I'll not reply twice :)

Geoff Chandler
01-18-2005, 01:57 AM
Just so other browsers know - I posed the same Q. in another forum, Jim replied there (Thanks).
Meanwhile - I have written off to Olympus to ask about the 5060 problem and what they did to make sure it doesn't occur on the 7070.
So I sit and wait patiently now.
Happy reading everyone