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06-03-2008, 07:48 AM
this is my first post over DCRP.

Recently I've bought a meter I1 Display LT meter to calibrate my TV and had fun playing calibration on my TV.

Now I'd like to profile & calibrate my laptop to match my Nikon D80 settings.

I understand that to get constant results, you need to couple the chain from the camera, through the monitor, to the printer.

The camera has 2 possible color spaces, sRGB and Adobe RGB, the lattest being wider. I've read that if you plan to post to the web, it is advised to use sRGB otherwise Adobe RGB.

Since I'll be watching at the pictures through my notebook or printing them (not professional grade, but quality grade prints), I thought I should go for Adobe RGB.... can you confirm?

I also have been told to use RAW format, just because at that stage, there's no color space envolved, but as RAW pix are bigger I'll have to decide what format/color space to use.

Then I'll have to profile/calibrate the monitor.

Here is were I start needing help, because the notebook is attached to:
- It's built in LCD display
- An external Eizo LCD S1931 screen
- A plasma TV through a VGAcable.

Windows VISTA has native icc profileing support; nevertheless, how should I perform calibration of those devices? Should I connect each device and calibrate each one, saving and loading icc profiles accordingly?

If so what is the best way to calibrate each device? My meter sports it's own calibration software (IMATCH) that can build icc profiles... should I use that one.... or?

Once done I should perform calibration/profileing of my inkjet printer HP Photosmart C5200... but it looks like my meter doesn't support printer calibration.

Any tip for the printer profileing?

Thanks for helping