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05-10-2008, 01:35 AM
Im not sure this is the exact right section for this question, but posters here seemed to have the best expertise.

The power supply (i.e. the ac/dc adaptor plug for recharging the internal battery) for my Fuji f31fd recently broke. I went back to the store and asked how much a new power supply would be. They quoted me $90 for a Fuji one, or about 25% of what I spent on the camera. I thought that was a bit ridiculous, and asked if there was a simple non branded one that would be far cheaper. They waved their hands and started talking about how my camera would be fried.

The adaptor that came with the camera is output DC5V, 1.5A.

I have another, working adaptor from a different camera which output is 5.3V, 650mA.

The battery is Lithium Ion 3.6V 1800mA.

I dont want to 'fry my camera' or my battery, but can I use the adaptor from my other camera to charge my Fuji? If not, can I go down to Radio Shack or wherever and get some sort of adapter for cheaper then $90? What output should I look for?

Thanks for all your help. Its been a long time since my high school physics class.

05-10-2008, 01:52 AM
Make sure that the positive and negative terminals on the adapters are the same some are centre positive and others are centre negative.
The adapter you have (assuming the terminals are correct) will probably take forever to charge your battery so I would head to radio shack with your Fuji adapter in hand and say that you want another one of these. They will have one and your camera will not get fried if it's the correct one.

05-10-2008, 06:14 PM
Cool thanks for your reply.

If I use the adapter I have, how long do you mean by 'forever'? Im a plug it in overnight type guy, never have a real need for a fast (sub 8 hour) charge. But does it hurt the battery?