View Full Version : DX7590 pricing/type

Chuck Westerfield
01-09-2005, 02:50 PM
Over the holiday's I purchased a DX7590, really liked the camera so I purchased one for my wife at same place. Anyway the shipment came and was a little different. I was told by the selling company the internet price was $379.00 for the model with dock but the USA model was more and I finally paid with shipping $468 per camera. The sales people told me both times that the USA model had the 1 year warranty and better battery. After the second camera arrived I called KODAK they said the only difference in units would have been the European model came without the dock and the USA model came with the dock. I think I have been shinghighed by a misrepresenting dealer. I am going to contact their management, already called the sales department and more bs. Does anyone have any viewpoint on this?