View Full Version : how do you make a digital watermark?

03-19-2008, 11:24 AM
how do you make a digital water mark?

seems like a good idea to protect my images

03-19-2008, 12:51 PM
Photoshop or some similar image editing software will do that. Just type your watermark and set opacity the degree of annoyance you want to convey. If you truly worry about your work so much I suggest dont post it. Seeing a nice image spoiled by a watermark is annoying. But its your image and you can display it any way you want.

03-19-2008, 02:33 PM
Most any photo editing program will let you create a new layer and control the opacity of the layer. So just create a new layer, type your name on it, and blend it into the corner of the picture. But as Bynx said, it's easy to make a complete idiot out of yourself by putting your name all over the picture, or way too big, and if you're really that worried about it, you're better off not posting your images at all.

03-19-2008, 07:02 PM
oh i was talking about the watermark where you can't see it but your information will always stay with the picture even if someone saves it and posts it somewhere else.

was that what you were talking about 'griptape'? - making a clear layer with your information on it?.. i don't know how that would work cuz then i'd just be saving it as one file and the clear layer would basically disappear...


03-19-2008, 07:19 PM
A clear explanation exactly what you want will get you a clearer answer.

To embed a digital watermark, you must first register with Digimarc Corporation--which maintains a database of artists, designers, and photographers and their contact information--to get a unique Digimarc ID. You can then embed the Digimarc ID in your images, along with information such as the copyright year or a restricted-use identifier.

To embed a watermark:

1. Open the image that you want to watermark. You can embed only one digital watermark per image. The Embed Watermark filter won't work on an image that has been previously watermarked.

If you're working with a layered image, you should flatten the image before watermarking it; otherwise, the watermark will affect the active layer only.

Note: You can add a digital watermark to an indexed-color image by first converting the image to RGB mode, embedding the watermark, and then converting the image back to indexed-color mode. However, the results may be inconsistent. To make sure that the watermark was embedded, run the Read Watermark filter.
2. Choose Filter > Digimarc > Embed Watermark.
3. If you are using the filter for the first time, click the Personalize button. Get a Digimarc ID by clicking Info to launch your Web browser and visit the Digimarc Web site at www.digimarc.com, or by contacting Digimarc at the telephone number listed in the dialog box. Enter your PIN and ID number in the Digimarc ID text box, and click OK.

Once you have entered a Digimarc ID, the Personalize button becomes a Change button, allowing you to enter a new Digimarc ID.
4. Enter a copyright year, Transaction ID, or Image ID for the image.
5. Select any of the following image attributes:
* Restricted Use to limit the use of the image.
* Do Not Copy to specify that the image should not be copied.
* Adult Content to label the image contents as suitable for adults only. (Within Photoshop, this option does not limit access to adult-only images, but future versions of other applications may limit their display.)
6. For Target Output, specify whether the image is intended for monitor, Web, or print display.
7. For Watermark Durability, drag the slider or enter a value, as described in the next section.
8. Select Verify to automatically assess the watermark's durability after it is embedded. For more information, see Using the signal strength meter.
9. Click OK.