View Full Version : cant get pics from can to comp- please help

02-05-2008, 01:30 PM
have a huge problem- prob something dumb to fix. But- my comp keeps telling me that I have to format drive f. I have 2 digital cameras-one is an old Fujifilm FinePix1300, and the other one is a new Samsung S630. I cant get either camera to "download" pics onto comp. My comp is Windows XP SP2. I have a pent 4 2.4 ghz proc and 1 gig of ram. Everytime I have tried to get these pics onto the comp- it says the camera drive needs formatted. I even went out and bought a smart card reader and that doesnt even work to get pics on comp. I have installed and reinstalled the software for the samsung several times to no avail. The other camera- Im not worried about yet- just saying that comp wont recognize either camera-for clarification. I have searcehd for hours on the internet to find something. The only thing that came close was- it may not work if comp went on hibernation or cards have been switched during use. I have done neither of those. My comp "sees" that the "new" drives are there, but cant open drives or anything to get pics from camera. I even took the sd card to walmart and tried it in their pic thing and it works there, so the card is good. Sites say that windows xp sp2 is supposed to recognize these cards and be able to use them with no camera software from the new camera- still doesnt work. I have tried to get pics onto comp with the sd card in camera and also without- just using basic camera memory. Nothing works. My sd card is from Kodak-1 gb sd card. I have also deleted the usb ports and had them reinstalled through win xp. Didnt help. Is there something that I have to go "into" my comp for to change a setting? What am I missing? I have other things plugged into my usb ports- and they work fine. I have also unplugged those and just had the camera plugged in- still nothing for camera works. You can also get me on email at john27pa@yahoo.co

02-10-2008, 06:48 AM
Try using a different port. I have two cameras and I have to use two different ports. If I plug my Nikon in where the Canon usually goes, I cannot access the images.

03-08-2008, 07:21 PM
Hey john27pa, I've seen all kinds of errors regarding Windows OS, and http://support.microsoft.com is really helpful most of the time.
For your problem I've found this:
Hope it proves helpful to you or someone else :)