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01-29-2008, 05:19 PM
Chang Saen Buddha at Night.

Chaing Rai is not a very big town and it has a nice feel to it. It is a very convenient place to stay because you are close to many tribal villages and the northern border. The price of the hotels can be from the cheapest Pamela’s room $6.00 to the Dusit Island Resort Chiang Rai $125.00 per night. We are on our way to the night bazaar held seven days a week. It was convenient to visit since the Wiang Inn Hotel $60.00 per day, where we stayed is two blocks away.

Akha Women dress up in their finest and come to the Chang Rai Night Bazaar to sell their goods. Akha Women 1

Akha Women 2

Night Stalls at the Chang Rai Night Bazaar.

Local food at the Night Bazaar. I was going to try these delicacies but I got involved in my photography and forgot. Ok so I gave it a pass.

Remember I told you earlier about the nighttime temperatures in Chaing Rai. This is their winter season and the nighttime averaged about 70F while we were there. I was walking around in my shorts and polo shirt and the locals are bundled up trying to stay warm. They kept pointing at me and giggling. They are comfortable in the summertime when it is over 100F and I am looking for an enclosure with A/C.

I do not know what the woman was brewing but the local teenager would line up 10 deep for this sweet desert.

When the tour bus arrives the people who like to travel in a bubble are let out at the Bazaar and given 1 hour to shop. Considering that the bazaar is the size of two football fields what can you do and see in one hour. For some reason that I was not able to find out the bazaar is divided into two sections almost mirror images with two stages at the far ends. One for the visitors and one for the locals. The stores and foods are different and so is the entertainment. The tour people barely get to see the section for visitors. We visited the bazaar 3 nights while we were in Chang Rai.

Night Time Entertainers waiting to go onstage.