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01-25-2008, 09:02 AM
I dropped a line to THK Photo products (aka Tokina), asking them to address this problem of not producing SONY-mount lenses for their new lens line. This simply has to be an oversight, at this point in time.

In a way, this all seems kind of moronic because neither Canon or Nikon have in-the-body Image Stability available on any of their DSLR camera bodies. You basically have no way way, other than a tripod or other type of mounting base to obtain 1/15-second shots with their non-IS-equipped lenses.

SONY/Tokina would seem to be the perfect marriage for resolving this "lack of IS" issue, seeings that ALL of the SONY Alpha DSLR cameras offer Image Stability with EVERY mounted lens.

Now, I admit, it could be politcal pressure by SONY to avoid any competition from the THK Photo line of lenses, literally forcing the users to buy SONY or TAMRON lenses as their solution. SIGMA has the Minolta/SONY mount, but really has no vested interest in the bottom-line success of SONY, one way or the other, unlike TAMRON ... of whom SONY is a major stock holder and TAMRON technology is a base for many of the older and current lenses.

I guess what I hate to see is the third-party lenses getting pigeon-holed by the major manufacturers. The forced reduction in lens choices seems just ... Un-American!

Personally, I find it a little more than ironic that TAMRON and THK Photo are right next to each other, at the PMA 08 (http://www.pmai.org/index.cfm/ci_id/34122/la_id/1/document/1/re_id/0/PMA08_FloorPlan_Level1.pdf) Show. (<- be patient, this pdf map-link takes a few to load)

01-25-2008, 09:39 AM
Simple economics. Each mount they produce costs money. They have to recover the cost of tooling up a mount before they can make any profit. Sony is a marginal mount compared to either Nikon or Canon. Tokina may not make enough lenses to justify the cost of producing the Sony mount.

01-25-2008, 10:22 AM

The mount was already in their inventory, unless they foolishly destroyed it when Minolta was sold. Nah, no company could be that goofy.

Anyway, I selfishly hope that they pull their respective head out of the sand and realize that SONY is about to sell a crap load (slang for a significant amount) of new camera bodies ... and guess what? These new cameras will need fresh new lenses to mount on them. If you're going to retool, it might be prudent to do it while these newbie-people are still interested and haven't spent themselves into the poor house on some other manufacturer's offerings.

Canon is not releasing but one model, as well as probably Nikon. SONY ... 3!, making for a total of five SONY camera bodies in circulation. If you were in business ... why not cater to all three manufacturers? There is no future money in the ranks if you don't participate.

Like they say: "If you want to win the lottery ... you have to buy a ticket!" :cool: