View Full Version : changing file number

01-03-2005, 07:54 PM
I just got a new P150 as a gift. I have all my pictures numbered in series and would like to have the new camera pick up where the last one left off Ė i.e. I want the next picture the new camera takes to be numbers DSC00354.jpg not DSC00065.jpg. I tried putting the last picture from the older (Sony) camera into the folder where the new camera places the pictures thinking it would see there was one there and get the point but it didnít. I really donít want to have to sit there and click 3000 pictures just to get it to where I want the numbering to pick up (and boy, in 4 years when I replace this one that will become a major PITA.

Ideas? Thoughts? Complete newbie hereÖ.