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01-03-2005, 10:08 AM
For the time being, I would rather have an ac adapter than recharge.....but I'm not sure what to look for;
I have a vivicam 3735 3.3 pixel, and according to their site and manual, all they tell me is 6volt charger. But nothing about the mA's (whatever that is.) So I bought a universal ac adapter; 6v-500mA, and still, in no time my batteries were drained.

In everyday words, can somebody please help me understand what mA's are, and what it is that I need to buy........besides rechargable batteries.
Thank you in advance

01-04-2005, 12:47 AM
You should get some NiMH batteries and a charger. They last longer than alkalines and in the long run will be much cheaper because they can be recharged and used many times.

The following is quoted from Vivitar's web site:

"Using rechargeable batteries over alkaline batteries
Alkaline batteries experience a voltage drop under load conditions and digital cameras require a considerable amount of voltage to operate efficiently.

Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) batteries are the power of choice for use in a digital camera. Not only do they have a much larger capacity but the voltage remains constant under load conditions over the life of the charge.

Typical power for an alkaline cell is about 500 mAh where the NiMH batteries are available in capacities from 1300 to about 2300 mAh.

Overnight recharging, without the memory build up of the older Ni-Cad type batteries, makes these a much better choice for any of the digital cameras. They are a one time investment that is well worth making."

Now for your question. MA = milliamp or .001 AMP. It is a measure of electrical current. The rating of an A/C adapter in MA's is the maximum current it will supply. If your camera draws current in excess of the maximum rating of the A/C adapter it's voltage will drop off and/or it will overheat and possibly be destroyed. I could not find a MA rating on the Vivitar site for their A/C adapter but judging from the A/C adapter I have for my old Epson 3 mp camera which also uses CF memory cards and 4 AA batteries your 500 MA adapter may be too small. The Epson A/C adapter is rated at 2 AMPS - that's 4 times 500 MA.

Perhaps you noticed that batteries are rated in MaH. That is milliamp/hours. A 2300 MaH battery is rated to deliver 2300 ma or 2.3 AMPS for one hour or half that current for 2 hours or 1/3 that current for 3 hours, etc. etc.

I don't understand why you would rather have an A/C adapter instead of rechargable batteries. These two things are for different uses. You'd use your A/C adapter when transfering pictures to your computer or when doing a slide show by connecting your camera to your TV via the video cable so you would not be using up battery power during such use. For normal picture taking you surely aren't walking around with your camera plugged into the wall. Rechargable NiMH batteries will allow you to take MANY times the number of pictures before they need recharging than will Alkaline before they are dead!

I have found I have no use for an A/C adapter. I use a card reader to download pictures from my memory card to the computer. It's much faster and doesn't require me to hook the camera to the computer. If you must have an A/C adapter get it from Vivitar for $19.95 or e-mail them and ask what the minimum MA rating should be for a non-Vivitar adapter. Also make sure that the plus and minus terminals on the adapter plug match the camera's jack! Most cameras and adapters have the plus on the center pin and minus on the sleeve - BUT NOT ALL! Also the size of the plugs on adapters can vary in size and may not fit the camera's jack.

01-04-2005, 08:27 AM
Thanks for your time and info.

without a doubt, next payday, I'm planning on buying the rechargable batteries. But for right now I think the ac adapter will fit my needs.

I returned the 500mA adapter, and purchased a 2000mA adapter. Played with it a bit, and so far, so good :D

As for the vivitar site, I still haven't heard anything from them. (I e-mailed them.) But even when I called, and personally asked what I needed, they couldn't help me. Or direct me to anybody that did have answers. And I'm too inpatient to wait for anything to come in the mail. (If I had taken the time to order from them.)

So, again, thank you for helping me to understand what is what, and what I need.

Have a great New Yew ;)