View Full Version : Camera of the year

12-13-2007, 11:38 PM
Well, Popphoto gave the award to the D300, with the E3 and A700 close behind.
Giving the E3 excellent marks through most tests and confusingly higher marks on RAW images than on JPEGS.

Can any techno whizzes explain this?:confused:
Would this be caused by poor proccessing in the camera?
Would it be different if you convert (RAW to JPEG) in the computer?

For now the price is too high on any of these cameras maybe in the next 6 mos to a year when the next generation comes out, I'll be able to afford the next level.
I've noticed the trend is for E500, E330 and E300 owners switched to the E510 and E1 going with the E3.
Maybe if the E510 dropped below $400 (body only) I would consider trading in the E500. Just like if the E3 dropped below $1000 I would pick up that one.
I'm still trying to perfect my techique, when I'm sure I've exhausted all featues on my present camera I'll switch.

The main thing we don't need is those 12 mp geeks trying to toot "mine is bigger than yours". Trying to explain the difference between 10 mp and 12 being minimal would require math and in a year we'll still think we don't have enough 'size'.:eek:

Hoping to hear your feedback