View Full Version : cybershot p100... i need helpp!

01-01-2005, 04:23 PM
hii everyone, ive recently decided on buying a sony cybershot p100.

i went to best buy to ask them if this camera could be used as a webcam and they said yes, that u just hook it up to your computer

but now that i have it, i dont kno how to use it as a webcam. does anyone kno how to make a digicam into a webcam? or if u can even do it with this camera...

also, anyone with a cybershot p100 with any tips/things to say about this camera? i havent completely opened and played around with it yet... just enjoying how it looks *and trying* to figure out how to use it as a webcam

help please!! thanks :)

01-16-2005, 07:11 PM
Web cams are driven by special web cam software.
If your camera did not come with instructions and software for providing web cam images then you will find it difficult to make it work as a web cam, if it is even possible.

There is free webcam software on the net, but I don't know which one or where to find it. It will be a challenge for you.

I recommend you buy a cheap web cam with software, if you want to have a on line live web cam.