View Full Version : First try at post processing with CS3....tips & critique please..

11-23-2007, 11:11 PM
I've been shooting digital for a long time now, but i was really lacking in the Post Processing Dept....

Spent few hours fiddling with Adobe CS3 last night...

Please critique the results..

Also, any general tips & advice from experts will be highly appreciated:)

The Original


After Processing


Changes made: brightened & sharpened eyes of both persons, saturated & sharpened lips of the lady, brightened her teeth also, added brightness & contrast, saturated colours, levels & curves adjustments, applied dehaze filter and finally USM on whole image...


D Thompson
11-24-2007, 07:13 AM
I'm no expert and there may be some differences in the way our monitors are calibrated, but here is my opinion.

Overall, it looks nice. Colors are saturated nicely and sharpness seems good.

I think you went a little heavy handed on a couple of areas tho. I brought both images into PS so I could take a few samples to compare the before and after.

Skin tones - the before looks better to me as the after has some blowouts, especially in the red channel. There is little to no cyan values. The cheeks and forehead area look over exposed, especially in the guy.

Eyes - they both look a little over whitened, especially hers. Not too far off, just not really natural IMO.

Teeth - way over whitened, in fact in spots all 3 channels were either blown or approaching blown. Her teeth looked white enough in the before.

It's too easy to over whiten both eyes and teeth. You want them to still look natural. It seems those are 2 areas that get overdone a lot. I don't know what method you used as there are several ways to do it. Hopefully, you did it on a separate layer and then you can lower the opacity of that layer to fade the effect a little.

I think you did a very nice job on bringing the colors of the clothes out.

Sometimes it is hard not to keep working on a shot, it's easy to work one to death. Sometimes, less is more. Take a good look at the image before you start to do anything and determine what needs fixing. The best retouch is one that you can't tell has been retouched. Hope this helps.