View Full Version : My First Post - an Expression of Gratitude

12-30-2004, 11:11 PM
I don't know when I first visited this site, but somewhere around 2002 I really started focusing on the reviews. Always thorough and right on top of new releases, I read as many as I could on the cameras that fell in my price range, and others that did not. Prior to heading out on an Iberian peninsula vacation, I settled on a Canon S-30 based primarily on the review I read here. The camera served me well, and though user error contributed to many blurry shots, I still walked away with some fine pictures and the satisfaction that my choice was a good one. The bug bit me again this week and I started browsing the reviews again and in the process discovered these forums. I read the reviews of the two cameras under consideration (Dimage Z3 and Panasonic FZ-20) and based in no small part on the thorough review as well as comments in the forums and similar findings on Steve's digi-cam site, I went with the Panasonic. The camera is scheduled to arrive tomorrow and I have no doubts my purchase will be a rewarding one based on my prior experience relying on your reviews. So on my first post, I wanted to thank you for offering such a useful and no doubt tiring source of information for novices and professionals alike. I have no clue about photography - couldn't tell you what a f-stop is from an ISO - but I don't doubt this site will have me shooting like the pros in no time.

an appreciative soldier.

12-31-2004, 09:21 AM
Glad that you started posting. It's always nice to see a lurker graduate to a contributor. Hope you enjoy your new Panasonic ehen you get it.