View Full Version : Does a slave flash really reduce red eye?

Albert D. Kallal
10-13-2007, 05:06 AM
I am using a compact digital point and shoot camera.

I been reading about reducing red eye, and several articles have suggested using a slave flash mounted on a bracket. I well understand when using a digital SLR camera and using a flash bracket it will increase the angle of light entering a persons eye, and therefore reduce red eye.

And I also well understand that if youíre digital portable camera has an external flash capability built in (hot shoe or some type of cable), then again the slave flash idea makes perfect sense.

However the number of articles have also suggested that using a slave flash and a bracket mount for the flash will reduce red eye on even a point shoot digital camera without external flash capability.

Remember with this point and shoot camera weíre talking about both flashes firing ( the slave flash is triggered by the little cameras main flash).

Can anyone explain to me why this should reduce red eye when you have the same amount of light coming from the small camera bouncing off the personís eyes at the bad angle as one did before? Why would a adding additional light from a slave flash on a bracket reduce red eye then?

Remember in most cases about the only setting one has is to reduce ISO setting to offset the additional light from the slave flash that fires in addition to the cameraís flash.

Further the article did mention that you could reduce the harsh effect of this original cameras flash by covering the flash with a bit of paper or some kind of diffuser. However most digital cameras use a pre flash to set the exposure, and would not thus covering the flash with paper mess up the exposure system?

For the above questions I am assuming a point and shoot camera that sets thatís exposure stuff automatically with a pre-flash (about 99.999% of point and shoot cameras on the market work this way). Most these cameras really only let you set the ISO, and perhaps some +/- on the overall exposure.

Here is one such article:


So, is a slave flash a waste for a automatic point and shoot camera to reduce red eye?

Albert D. Kallal
Edmonton, Alberta Canada