View Full Version : C-50 mechanical sound

12-29-2004, 12:27 PM
Hello !

I got one of this camera yesterday, but i have a question about it.

The optical mechanism seems a bit strange for me, and it would be great
if you could give me your thoughts about it.

So, after power up, the mechanism sounds strange, not just the usual
bziip-bziip sound, like other cameras doing, but there is sometimes some
louder, deeper noise too.

When i use the zoom in-out functions, there is this sound too.
especially when zoom in, and release the button, and the optic stops

The optic seems noisy too, when i half-press the shooting button, and
the camera is focusing.

When the optical mechanism is out, it's not that stable built like my
older canon camera, but when i try it with my hands, it has a little
game...i hope you know what i think, because my english is not the best
on the world.. :) When i shake the camera (on or off position are the
same), the optic is shaking in it ..tic...tic....tic. Like the optical
unit were not fixed enough.

Othervise the camera works perfectly, i just want to know, that these
thing are normal with this type, or something is not perfect....


01-03-2005, 02:47 PM
I exchanged my C-5060WZ for this reason. You should exchange your camera too. The sound I heard was like grinding sound, which I assume is the same sound you are hearing cuz everything you are describing is exactly what I experienced with my C-5060WZ and it is not normal.