View Full Version : How to Photpgraph a Model in Front of a Huge Lightbox?

richard mayoff
10-03-2007, 02:48 PM
I am photographing a model in front of a 10Ft x 15 ft light box with a photograph in it. It is a huge Durotrans (I believe) lit behind by Fluorescents ( I think). I plan on using a soft box (daylight) to light the model in an environment that has mixed lighting sources.. I am afraid I am going to have problems with the color balance as well as difference between the bright light boxes and the properly lit model with the softbox.. Any advice or suggestions would really be helpful, as I am doing the shoot tomorrow Thurs Oct 4.
I am using a Canon 5D.

Please send any info to my email address (if possible) richard@rich-photos.com

Thanks so much.

Richard Mayoff