View Full Version : ERROR CODE 0x5b SONY A100

09-11-2007, 09:20 AM
I have a Sony A100 new in April.
In the last week I have experienced the error code 0x5b when I have attempted to shoot a picture by holding the camera in the normal eye level position pointed into what one would say is normal daylight. What happens is I press the button and the shutter closes very very slowly and the error code 0x5b comes up in the window. Nothing else can be done and you have to switch the camera off. When you switch on again, the camera goes through its self check and you get the OK. If you now attempt to shoot a picture into poor light, ie; very dark shade or down to the ground - where you would expect a poor light reading, it takes the shot absolutely perfectly.

Raise the camera up to horizontal, try to shoot and you get the error code and shut down. It seems as if the system is being saturated with high light levels for some reason and it cannot adjust. The ISO is set to AUTO and the WB is also at AUTO. It doesnt matter what lens I'm using and I have three from 50mm through to 35-70 and 100-300mm. All Minolta 8i lenses
of high quality.

Anyone any ideas what the error code is??
Dave Llewellyn