View Full Version : S5 IS flash pics

08-24-2007, 11:29 AM
I have a S5 IS, i do a alot of indoor flash photography, but the problem is whenever i capture pics with flash, the faces of people are well exposed but the background turns out to be very dark, and also i want little warm flash pics like Sony digiams produce and a bit overexposed pics. And also something i find that built-in flash is underpowered. In most of the Sony cameras buit-in flash pics ..always the background lighting is visible ...but with canon ..it is different as i mentione. so how can i make my pics like sony? is there any setting in camera which can overcome this.

Can i make warm and overexposed pics with canon S5 IS and using built-in flash.
+ the background of the pics don't appear completely dark with flash pics.

Plz advise me some good tips