View Full Version : Questions regarding Kodak DX7590

12-26-2004, 06:44 AM

i have just bought the Kodak DX7590 camera and i have some questions, which i couldnīt answer myself. Why is the picture size just 1.3 to 1,8 Mb large? I have seen some example pictures taken from such a camera and that size was over 2,4 Mb large. Of course, i chose fine as the compression.

Second, i am using a apple with 10.3.7 and i can reach my pictures just with the Kodak-Easy-Share programm and not directly like if you use a sony dsc-p8.

And last but not least, i bought a Sanddisc-Sd card ultra II, which is supposed to be much faster than the ordinary ones. I hope there will not be some difficulties, or are there any? Furtheremore, does this card give me a advantage in comparison to the usual ones?

So... that was my first question or contribution. I hope i get a little help.

Thanks in advance....

12-27-2004, 02:11 AM
i was under the impression that kodak uses a standard compression which takes less space, versus other point and shoot cameras that offer fine, or uncompressed. My dx6490 had reasonable size files for the 4mp sensor. i liked that the camera took the pics at 270dpi too.