View Full Version : Wein Peanut Slave +Vivitar 285 = some issues

Dario D.
08-09-2007, 11:54 PM
Hi all. I just got 2 Wein Peanut Slaves, and 2 Vivitar 285 flashes (after returning one that wouldn't turn on), and have been having problems.

Using a Nikon D80 and SB-600 flash (on an umbrella) I simply can't get the Vivitars to fire using the Peanuts, unless I blast a flash DIRECTLY onto the peanut from about 8 inches away. And even then, it doesn't always fire it.

I've tried both peanuts on both Flashes, with and without the PC cables (in which case I just plug the peanuts straight into the flash). I've also tried putting the camera's built-in flash in TTL mode, Commander mode, and the works. Nothing seems to fire the Vivitars.

Any ideas? I'm completely and utterly clueless.

They fire sometimes when being blasted straight on, but... that's about it. And that's sometimes.