View Full Version : plastic battery lock tab DX7440

12-25-2004, 12:11 PM
My DX7440 is only 5 days old. I've charged and only loaded the battery once. There is one door compartment which holds the battery and memory card. There is a plastic "battery lock" tab which holds the battery in. This morning I discovered that tab was broke, so now of course can't close the compartment door. I'm sure the store will exchange the camera or have it repaired.... my worry is, while I love everything else about this camera so far, I'm wondering if this plastic battery lock tab breaking off is going to be a reoccuring problem. Has anyone else had this problem. In the 5 days I've had the camera, while I haven't opened the compartment door every day, I do remove the SD card to download photos to the PC, so of course this means I need to open the compartment. I'm wondering if every time I open the compartment, pressure is being put on that plastic tab by the battery attempting to pop up.

12-25-2004, 01:44 PM
I've had mine for about 2 months and have been taking the battery out to recharge it quite a bit. I do not see a problem yet....but it's something to think about. I would have rather the camera came with the dock. I did buy the bigger battery in hopes of not having to charge it so often. I know that I am very careful when I remove the battery for charging.
My big complaint is that the flash could be a little stronger. I shoot alot of photos indoors set on manual at 400 ISO. Setting it like I did with my Olympus OM1. Shoot a test shot, check it for exposure, delete it and change the shutter speed.
Back to the Orange tab. I might have to go out and buy the charging dock, that will eliminate that problem. Willard