View Full Version : Casio lens noise and focus problem...

07-31-2007, 03:56 PM
I have a Casio EX-Z55. When I turn it on the lens makes some clicking noises near the end of it's throw. I am also experiencing focus problems. Sometimes it's clear and sometimes nott. I hate the idea of sending it to the Casio repair place. Is there a way to open it myself and repair it? Also, any rough ideas on what a repair shop might charge for this type of repair?

08-01-2007, 06:41 AM
It's most likely your focus mechanism has dirt/debris in the gears, or was knocked out of position. The focus lens, and the zoom lens work together, and if one or the other gets hung up, then you typically get a lens error message, or blurry pictures, like you see. It can be disassembled, and possibly repaired. Casio would charge a lot, and a camera repair shop would likely want to replace the lens. Cost will be ~$100+...more than the camera is probably worth.

You can always try to fix it, and if you end up breaking the lens more, buy another broken EX-Z55, with maybe a bad LCD, and swap out the lens into yours. I've worked on two EX-Z55's, and they're so compact that it's difficult to work on. The circuit board is two pieces sandwiched together, and it was quite the balancing act to get them re-aligned, and the lens plugged back in properly.

If you try it, and run into trouble, feel free to ask more questions. Just watch out for the flash capacitor. It packs a good jolt!