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07-20-2007, 06:03 AM
This is an open question that I curious about ... as I have not done it myself ... yet.

Has anyone taken a series of dead on, front facing portraits using a series of focal lengths to demonstrate "fat face" appearances of your subject?

You know ... starting with 20mm and progressing up to and including 200mm?


I am curious to see this "effect" and hoped than one of you dandy photographers, out there, might have taken this to task and could pictographically demonstrate it.

I will attempt this, in the near future, but I need to find a reasonable subject that will sit for it. The dog isn't going to cooperate.

Thanks :D

08-01-2007, 02:24 PM
I guess no one has this shooting exercise under their belt ... and understandable so, because it would take quite an arsenal of PRIMES to be able to even try to do it.

Anyway, CW, I also got my twin PocketWizard Plus IIs to try out, tonight.


The PocketWizard Plus II is the first radio triggering system to offer Auto-Sensing Transceiver Technology, which automatically sends or receives, plus can trigger your camera and flash in auto-relay mode. I saved about $40 on each one, over regular price because of the "Student discount." Took some doing to get all the paperwork in order, but I can use it for all Mamiya discounting.

Speaking of which, I also looked into a brand new Mamiya 645ZD Digital System which includes an AF 80mm f/2.8 (effectively 50mm on a 35mm camera) lens for under $10,000.


With the student discount, it might even be under $9000. This has a 22MB Digital back ... which is about 20,000+ on an equivalent Hasselblad. I almost got talked into it, but until I get absolute affirmation that Adv. Digital Photography class (ART 220) is going to be a launch, at the local college ... its still a "whisper in the wind."

It could be a fun alternative to 35mm ... who knows? Definitely for use in the studio. If I suddenly get a major infusion of cash ... you know where I'll be.