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07-19-2007, 12:24 PM
Ok, I have two books that I purchased to further my "education"

Understanding Exposure by Brian Peterson
Canon XTI Guide by Lantern Guides

Both of which are very good read and gives you the first step into the world of photography.

I'm looking to take some classes to further this knowledge but wondering if anyone here can recommend any classes (online or location), books, or even websites that can help better understand everything.

I am located in NJ and trying to find places around here for legitimate, worth it classes.

07-20-2007, 06:40 AM
NOTE: As with everything artistic, take what you need and make it into your own style, YOU'RE the photographer.
Also, some of the tips contradict with some others (one says kill the flash, another says to use fill flash) its important to know that different tips affect different scenarios (I was stupid enough to waste my fill flash early in a wedding, wasn't able to take many potential photos due to lighting)

Free Online Course: (I've yet to try it)

Lots of photography+photoshop+lenses tips:

More specific photography tips: blur, long exposures etc:

An article to become a more experimental photographer:

How to make your own lightbox: (can come in handy I've recently wanted to try this)

Landscape Photography Tips:

A Explanation of the camera, photography and post processing: (and other things)

Beach Photography Tips: (I'm reading this one right now as I take lots of beach photos.

Now go take photos!

I have a book somewhere and it was great but I could easily just type it up here what they said.
since there are more talented photographers out there I'll let them do the technical talk but just experiment!
the good old "what if I stand here instead of here and squat down a bit" helps a lot