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07-13-2007, 12:45 PM
i just bought the new canon powershot SD850 IS. I thought the image stabilizer was supposed to help reduce the number of blurry pictures taken, but when i'm in manual mode, i get that red camera icon that looks like it's shaking - on the bottom left hand corner of the LCD. and afetr i taken the shot, the picture is blurry. i made sure there's enough lighting and i try to keep my hands steady as much as possible. can anyone help with that red camera icon on my LCD?

when i'm in auto mode, it's ok, but when i want to do "scene modes" and other manual stuff, that red camera icon shows up.


David Metsky
07-13-2007, 02:10 PM
i made sure there's enough lighting and i try to keep my hands steady as much as possible.
That's because the camera is setting the shutter speed too slow. In auto mode, the camera can push the ISO up as high as it needs to keep shutter speed fast and the images sharp, if noisy. Once you go into manual mode, especially if you are setting the ISO, you may find that the camera can't get enough light and the main tool it has to fix that is to keep the shutter open longer.

There are limited manual controls with the SD850. You basically can set the ISO, White Balance, and exposure compensation, I believe; the camera chooses everything else. In scene modes, some of those choices are limited so the camera elects to keep the shutter open longer.

You say there's enough light, but the camera doesn't think so. Setting the ISO to 200 or even 400 will allow the camera to use a shorter shutter speed. BUT, it will make your images noisier. It's a tradeoff. IS will help when the shutter is open longer as long as your subject isn't moving. If you subject moves, IS won't help you.

Can you post a sample photo?


07-13-2007, 05:11 PM

thanks for the tip. that makes sense. i'll try to post a sample pic this weekend. i'll see about setting my ISO to 200 or 400.

07-13-2007, 10:39 PM

in the manual scene modes, i can't seem to adjust the ISO settings. what good is the new "Creative Light Effect" if my subject is blurry? this scene mode was one of the reason why i bought this camera, and now, i can't use it the way i want.

oh well, i guess i'll just have to stick with auto mode.

here's a sample...notice the blurriness around the lamp...


any advice for taking sharper pictures would be greatly appreciated.

...how did they get their subject in their sample pictures to show up so sharp? and low lighting too...

sample: http://web.canon.jp/imaging/p850is-i950is/fea-8-e.html

07-14-2007, 12:34 AM
Was the camera on a tripod ?

1/8 second shutter speed is really hard to hand hold even with stabilisation.