View Full Version : Olympus C-725 feedback ?

12-22-2004, 08:04 PM
I dont see a dcresource review for this one.. I assume its because it is discontinued ? Found Canon A75 and Olympus C725 (3MP, 8x optical, 3x digital) for $200. C725 has a much greater optical zoom, how come its the same price range ? Whats the catch ?

This will be my first digicam and I dont want to spend too much - the 8X zoom looks inviting.

Grapevine and <a href="http://www.cameras.co.uk/details/olympus-c-725.cfm"> this review </a> says the picture quality is not that great in C725. Any opinions/feedback from someone who has used the camera ?

Thanks in advance.

01-14-2005, 06:47 AM
All I can say is "Just Do It". I have just upgraded from a basic Olympus C-1 Digital camera to the Olympus C- 725 and I have been totally blown away since. It is amazing of what it can do and what it has to offer. I am so into the zoom at the moment. :D I cannot fault the camera or the image quality to date. (If you would like to see the quality of the images let me know and I can email you a couple.) The feel of the camera is so comfortable, the features are easy to understand and to follow. They offer features for the amatuer all the way to the professional.
A fantastic price for a fantastic camera........... Like I said "Just Do It ":D