View Full Version : OM lenses with DSLR?

06-30-2007, 09:01 PM
I'm brand new here, and didn't realize there was a separate sub-forum for Olympus DSLRs.
I posted elsewhere on the board about using my old, Zuiko OM lenses with a new Olympus DSLR.....


Perhaps someone might be able to assist me?


07-09-2007, 06:01 AM
I've got a fairly extensive OM-series system, including lots of glass. Naturally, I was attracted to the Olympus DSLRs. When they finally came out with the E-410, which I find to be as much an ergonomic masterpiece as the original OM-1, I bought it.

I can't speak much to the image quality; I haven't run extensive tests of the OM glass. There are a few lenses I'm planning to use with the E-410, though: the 55/1.2 (which I think will make a good portrait lens on the E-410) and the 50/2 macro are at the top of the list, though a couple of others are also interesting (I've got a 300/5.6 Celestron mirror; a 600/5.6 that's that small and light has to be good for something!).

The limitations are about what you'd expect:
1) The OM-4/3 adapter pushes the diaphragm lever to the closed position, so you will have to adjust it maually - and set it wide open for viewing and focusing. Don't forget to close it for shooting.
2) The camera gets no metering information from the lens. It will set the shutter speed correctly, though, so you can use the P, A, or M modes. In the M mode, it will show you the meter scale so you can adjust the exposure precisely.
3) The autofocus sensor is disabled. Not only will the camera not focus automatically (big surprise there), but it also will not give you any focus assistance with the sensor. You'll have to focus manually, using the viewfinder image or LiveView screen for a guide.

Overall, I'm quite pleased with mine. Go handle one before you buy, as you should with any camera, but if it feels good, buy it.