View Full Version : Upgrade to Pentax DSLR from H1?

06-30-2007, 03:52 PM
I have used a Sony H1 for the last several years primarily to shoot sports--baseball/track--nature scenes, nature action, everything but indoor shots which we use a Sony W7 for.

The other day my son told me to use his new Sony H2 for his baseball game. There is only a one MP difference in the cameras but I was surprised by the results as the H2 produced sharper, more vivid photos. However, both the cameras are limited in their ability to take continous burst and the views blank out so I cannot follow the action. I missed too many good action opportunities today which brings me to my question.

While I really had not considered moving up to a DSLR due to the price,
the Pentax K100 can be had body only for around $378 and $420 with the kit lens after rebate. This is far less than I thought I had to spend for a quality DSLR. I know the DSLR will shoot faster but should the photo results be that much better than the point and shoot H2? I tried a Sony Alpha, Nikon D40 and the Pentax today and I was impressed by all three but the price on the Pentax is well under the other two. I am not too concerned about the Pentax being only 6MP versus 10MP for the Sony as most of my prints are small with an occasional 8x10.

Would I be short changing myself by jumping at the closeout Pentax price? I know the Pentax is a little older design than the other two but I think it represents a good value and will accomplish what I want it to do. Any advice would be appreciated.