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06-26-2007, 03:01 AM
Budget £160ish
Image Quality 7-9 pehaps? Quite high.
Usage I would like to be able to shoot action (snowboard and surf alot) as well as taking landscape/static photos. Probably will be making some larger prints at some point, but not all the time.
Misc Ideally i would like wide angle.

Hi there, im new to this forum and saw how helpfull everyone is to others looking for a new camera and was wondering if you could possibly help me with my decision too.

Im no pro photographer, but i am a design student and love taking photos. I have an eye for them. I love my Sony DSC-P72 but after owning it for a couple of years it now eats batteries as if they are going out of fashion. I also end up taking the same shot many times due to wobble. I love it, but its time to upgrade.

I was looking around and found the Fujifilm S5700 and S6500fd. Both seem to be very good Semi Pro DSLR-esque cameras. I have done a tonne of research on them both and still cannot come to a conclusion on which to buy. I was almost settled on the S6500fd, but then started to wobble on the whole mpx difference, with the S6500fd having 6.3 and the S5700 having 7.1, although the techie in me guesses that the extra tech in the S65 means it out performs the S57 (either way its a jump up from my current 3!).

Anyway, thanks for reading, and any help you can offer me would be great.

Oh and btw, the cost isnt a major issue, but i dont really wanna spend anymore than the S65's £160.

Thanks loads,

06-26-2007, 03:11 AM
The S6000/S6500fd has the better sensor, and as such has the better performance at higher ISO/lower light photography.
I would go for the 6500, instead of the S5700/S700

06-26-2007, 05:34 AM
I agree with Coldrain. The sensor on S6000fd has better sensor and it shows on the image quality without too much pixel creeping. DCRP has done previews on both cameras with many similar shots at the same locations and similar ISO.
Why do you hesitate? Because S700 has more MP? With 5MP you can make excellent prints at 11x14"....
I'd recommend S700 over S6000fd ONLY IF you want to save some money and don't like the bulk of the latter.

06-26-2007, 08:12 AM
Thanks for your help. I believe i will go for the S6500 then. The only reason i was hesitating was due to the extra MPX in the S5700, only because the prints that i do at uni are generally A3 - A0 (as a Car Designer we dont do exams, rather have presentations on huge boards at the end of each module).

But i did think that the S6500 must be doing something special to have a lower MPX and higher price.

Thanks for your help.

If anyone has any other or similar opinions on this matter please dont hesitate to voice it.

Thanks again

06-26-2007, 10:08 AM
S6000/6500 has raw capability S700/5700 does not
28 mm @ f2.8 vs. 38 mm @f3.5 on the wide angle