View Full Version : Fuji Finepix S9600 or Olympus SP550UZ or Canon Equivalent

Red Poppy
06-19-2007, 09:48 PM
How do I decide which one? Are they basically all the same?

06-20-2007, 04:00 AM
I guess to decide which camera you should buy, you first need to decide what sort of photography you're particularly interested in - different cameras have different strengths and weaknesses, which can make them more suitable for some things than others. It might help if you could give us your answers to the questionaire sticky - although I've seen several posts from you, I don't remember seeing this useful information. Apologies if I missed it.

However, to give you some ideas, I'll sumarise some of the pros & cons of the cameras you mentioned.

Fuji S9600 - I probably know more about this, since I have its predecessor, the S9500, which I use mainly for landscapes, with some wildlife, portrait ang general photography.

9 megapixels, useful if you want to make big prints. I've made some great looking 20x30" prints from my S9500. Fairly good noise at high ISO (though not as good as the S6500), good for low light. 28mm equiv wide angle, good for landscapes, interiors & group portraits. Standard 58mm filter thread on lens, no messing about with adapter tubes. Manual zoom, a lot easier and quicker than the switch controlled electric zooms of the other cameras. Good control layout with command dial, quicker and easier than wading through menus. Hinged rear LCD, useful for high or low angle shots. High res (235kPixel) electronic viewfinder with fast (60Hz) refresh option, better for following action, but still not as good as optical viewfinder on a DSLR. Good macro, focus down to 1cm. Reasonably good built in flash. Flash hotshoe. RAW mode. Metal tripod mount.

Purple fringing on high contrast edges at wide angle. Bigger & heavier than the others. Slightly worse battery life (though a spare set of NiMH rechargeables is cheap and easily carried)

Canon S3IS (haven't seen any reviews of the S5IS yet, all I know is it has a flash hotshoe).

Pros: Image stabilisation (though see some of me other posts as to why this isn't so much help when your subject is moving, e.g. sports action). Longer zoom (to 436mm equiv) - better for wildlife. Fully swivelling LCD. Lots of clever in camera image tweaking, e.g. colour accent, if you're in to that sort of thing. Stereo sound in movies. Good battery life. Smallest (by volume), but not lightest.

Cons: Less wide angle (36mm equiv).

Olympus SP-550:

Pros: Longest zoom range, from 28mm equiv to 504mm - great for landscapes and wildlife! Image stabilisation. RAW mode.

Cons: Fixed LCD. Noise at high ISO. Slow autofocus and shot to shot.

This is just my personal perspective, with things that seem important to me, YMMV. And I've probably forgotten something.