View Full Version : Fujifilm S9600

Red Poppy
06-18-2007, 10:21 PM
How does this camera rate?

06-19-2007, 05:31 AM
I use its predecessor, the S9500 / S9000. I mainly do landscapes, with some wildlife, and occasiuonal portraits of friends and other bits & pieces.

The manual zoom is GREAT! :) I really like the 28mm equiv wide angle for landscapes, and the 300mm end is useful for wildlife (I occasionally wish for a bit more for small birds, but it gets hard holding anything much longer steady, even with IS, so it's probably a reasonable limit). The standard 58mm filter thread is useful - no need to mess about with adapter tubes.

ISO to 1600 is useful, though it does get a little noisier - I generally try to stick to ISO 100 - 200. Controls are great, especially the command dial - I think the only other ultrazoom that has this is the Panasonic FZ50. Most commonly used functions have dedicated buttons, which saves a lot of fiddling with menus.

The hinged LCD is sometimes useful, for high or low angle shots. Flash is pretty good, with no redeye problems with portraits.

Downsides - there is some purple fringing on high contrast edges at wide angle, though it's usually only visible with extreme enlargement (100% on screen or 16x20" prints from a few inches away) Also, autofocus can be a bit slow for tracking birds in flight - though I gather this was improved for the S9600. There is a manual focus mode. with a focus by wire lens ring and enlarged centre viwfinder / LCD, but I do find it rather fiddly.