View Full Version : D40 e-book

06-15-2007, 02:45 PM
Someone here recommended Thom Hogan's ebook to help me learn my camera better. I wrote him a while ago asking when he was going to have one for the D40. I said "soonish". I saw on amazon that there were two, but one was coming out in July and the other in September. (I want it NOW, as in two weeks ago or a two months ago.)

I was at Thom Hogan's site just now, and guess what he added??? The book! http://www.bythom.com/index.htm
Just ordered mine. Just wanted to share in case anyone else wanted to know. (his books are good, right? I've read good comments about his D80 one.)

06-16-2007, 12:41 AM
IMO Thom Hogans books are compulsory for anybody with a Nikon DSLR.