View Full Version : WB Examples

Geoff Chandler
06-12-2007, 04:15 PM
Maybe if folks are experimenting with White balance they could post some comparisons here??
If I post one - maybe others will follow??
With my D80 - I use Sunshine WB a lot - it seems to give an accurate
colour/cast most of the time. I do actually fine tune with a +1 or 2 blue on top - but that's basically it.
On very dull days the Auto white workes quite well
But it's not as simple as that!!
On a sunny day the Auto is a touch warmer than Sunshine WB and
On a Dull day Sunshine WB seems a touch warmer than Auto
So, you see, with each different camera we need to discover how it performs
on different settings.
My example - the Left hand shots are straight off the camera and the Right hand are corrected afterwards to achieve the closest match to how I felt it should look.
The top image was Sunshine WB and the bottom was Auto WB.
The plant in question was taken on an overcast day
I reckon if I did the same test on a sunny day it would be exactly the opposite results.
Hope I havent confused you all
BTW - can anyone tell me what this plant is???