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06-09-2007, 06:42 PM
after hours of research i decided to save up for a pentax k10d
but now i read that the hoya/pentax merge could result in a possible ending of the pentax camera line if they do not sell enough. this is a problem because i had wanted the option of upgrading to a pro-level camera without having to buy a whole new lens set. i know there are two cameras coming out this fall, and one of them is supposed to be pro-level, but that leaves me with only one camera choice.
so now i have two choices:
1) buy the pentax anyway and hope the line doesnt end (but if it does just buy a new camera and lens set when i decide to upgrade) or
2) save up a little longer and buy a nikon d80 (my second choice)

im not very knowledgeable about pentax or hoya, so is the statement about the possibility of the pentax camera line ending true?
should i just go with the nikon either way?
since the d80 is more expensive, how stripped down is the d50 from the d80 (its yet another option for me)

my head hurts

06-09-2007, 07:21 PM
Not that there is anything wrong with the D80 but why not go with the Canon XTi?

It will be cheaper than the Nikon, has better high ISO performance, and you'll find that quality Canon glass is typically considerably less expensive than it's Nikon counter part.

Personally I prefer both of these cameras to the Pentax and you really never had a pro-level Pentax to upgrade to. The Canon 1Ds and Nikon D2Xs are at least pro-level bodies.

*The nice thing about going with Nikon is that if you start with a D80 and decide to upgrade to a pro-level body in a few years the D2Xs will still be the current body. ;):D

06-09-2007, 07:27 PM
Mergers and change-of-ownerships happen every day. I would not worry about it, and go for your option #1. The K10D has lots of bells and whistles - what do you want as upgrades?

06-09-2007, 07:28 PM
i thought canon had more expensive lenses?
well, the most id be spending on lenses is probably around $400 unless i REALLY want it (im in high school and i only have a part-time job)


as an upgrade i was looking for a camera that could be used professionally.
im not 100% sure i would actually do this, but the option to do so is pretty big to me (if i do decide to upgrade i want to make sure there is a camera to upgrade to)

ideally i would want to wait to see how pentax progresses, but that could be a very long wait

the k10d and the d80 are almost exactly what i am looking for
but like i said, if i buy the k10d what can i later upgrade too? (although, if i really do become very serious later, i wont mind buying a new camera and set of lenses from another manufacturer as much)