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06-03-2007, 05:22 AM
Hi all,

After reading lots of reviews and looking at the features, I think I have narrowed my choice of compact p&s down. I think I am edging towards the canon 850is mainly due to its wide angle lens, IS, FD and the fact that it really is small. The F40 is also small, but has no wide angle or IS. It does, however, take better low light photos. These will not be the primary use for my camera, but I expect I will take some. Can anyone tell me if the 850 takes good low-light/night photos (even if not the best ie. f40). As long as they are pretty good, that should be fine I think.

I have also looked at the a570 but have decided it is a bit too bulky for what I want a camera for, and whilst I like the way the sony w80 looks etc I believe it may be slightly inferior.

Any opinions much appreciated.

06-04-2007, 12:24 AM
The Canon SD850 IS isn't any wider than normal at the wide end of its zoom lens. Specs say that it starts at 35mm (35mm film equivalent) while the Fuji F40 starts at 36mm. Are you thinking of the older SD800 IS, which starts at 28mm?

Regarding how good the SD800 IS is for low light/night photos, it depends on your subject. If your subject is stationary (or is willing to be for the photo), the IS will allow you to take very good low light and night photos (with some limitations in the latter). If your subject is moving, even a bit, the IS will not help. You need good high ISO performance for that. The SD800 seems to take pretty clean photos up to ISO 400 but for indoors without flash you might want even more. At ISO 800, some noise reduction software might come in handy. Outisde of the Fuji F-series, the Canon compacts aren't really any worse than the competition at low-light-high-ISO shots, and are better than many.

For the best night photos I still believe in the good old tripod, no matter what camera you use.


06-04-2007, 11:28 AM
Thanks for the reply. I think considering I'm not looking to make night/low light photos the main use by any means, the canon is a good choice for me.

However, I have now become significantly confused! Having gone to the canon and other websites to look at the specs in detail, the lens issue appears muddled! If I do not consider the US models (i.e. not calling it a powershot but rather an IXUS) in which, for instance, the Powershot 850is is 8MP as opposed to 7.1 in the 850 Ixus, i'm not sure what they mean by wide-angle. Both the 800is and the 850is appear to be branded as wide angle, but like you said they then say 35mm film equivalent...

On the UK canon site, the IXUS 850is is said to be "4.6 - 17.3 mm (35mm equivalent: 28 105mm)

the IXUS 800is is said to be 5.8 - 23.2 mm (35mm film equivalent: 35 140mm)

You can probably tell from my confusion I am not entirely clear what this all means, but perhaps everyone else does and could help me! Since they are branding it as wide-angle, surely it is?? Or am I being fooled by marketing forces!? :)

Thanks alot

06-04-2007, 01:04 PM
In the US the SD850 is 35mm - 140mm and the SD800 is 28mm - 105mm. The SD800 is Ixus 850 in some countries.

SD800 = Ixus 850
SD850 = Ixus 800


06-04-2007, 01:29 PM
yea. very. I seem to have concluded it is known as the ixus 850is in the UK (europe) i.e. dropping the "sd" which then translates to a version of the sd800is!?

Anyway, I think I have it understood now...i think.