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05-31-2007, 07:58 PM
Hey folks,
I am looking for a good family friendly snapshot camera. Will consider DSLR in a few years. Wife does a lot of scrapbooking so it is nice to be able to crop and enlarge photos. Learned on Canon AE1 many years ago. First digital was 5 years ago, 3mp Kodak took great pictures esp outside (good resolution, low noise). 2.5 years ago bought Canon A95 5mp. I was always disappointed in photo resolution (was shooting max quality/size jpeg). This month purchased and returned a Canon 570is 7.3mp. Same problem as a95. For instance took a picture outdoor, partly cloudy, 3 stationary persons at 10 ft in full auto, minimal optical zoom to frame shot = fuzzy pic (could not enlarge at all). I am not interested in a camera that cannot take a mile deep picture in full auto under those conditions. Perhaps some camera shake due to LCD rather than viewfinder but would expect more out of IS. Did not have that prob with old Kodak:confused:.

Budget - $200-400
Size - smaller than SLR
Features - 5-8 megapixel, zoom 4-6, Manual controls not necessary
General Usage - Family snapshots, mostly kids. Would like the option of blowing up an exceptional family photo for wall display. Indoor/outdoor. Night shots not likely. Kids sports to some extent (standard sport mode should be sufficient).

Miscellaneous - Image Stabilization since it is becoming more standard. Rotating LCD always nice but not deal breaker.


06-04-2007, 01:11 PM
Which Kodak took great pictures esp outside? It's hard to understand why you get blurry photos from Canon A95 and A570. Those are top p & s. Do you press the shutter halfway to autofocs? Where you focusing on the people?