View Full Version : Another compact question

05-28-2007, 07:15 AM
Hi all. I'm looking to buy a new compact camera for everyday and travel usage - hence an ultracompact is required. Im looking for around 7 MP, largely point and shoot, long battery life, very small, 3 or more optical, usual features plus others eg face rec, IS etc if poss. Cheaper is better since being for travel and just point and shoot i dont see any point in spending big. im in UK so around 150 would be good - around $300 or less.

I'm thinking perhaps the Sony W55, Canon Ixus 850IS?? the canon has a wide angle lens i believe which is advantageous for scenery shots etc?

Also, night-shots are quite important. last camera was awful even for shots of friends in low lighting.

All suggestions much appreciated! thanks!