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05-26-2007, 05:57 AM
Will flash kits from the old Maxxums fit/work on the Sony Alpha like the lens do? From the 7000 or the 400si's? I want to buy some used stuff, but I'd hate to purchase if it won't work with the Alpha. Which model #'s WONT work on the Alpha or Which one's will? I've heard that ALL Minolta lens will work, but then I've read that the really old ones won't. I don't know what is considered really old. Does anyone have a list of camera model #'s that accessories will work with the Sony?

05-26-2007, 01:27 PM
This question has been sufficiently addressed in this SONY DSLR forum and you would do well by going through it and "catching up." You may also find that many other questions you might have also will be brought to closure.

But, to answer your immediate question, almost anything made from 1995 on will work. So, just look for those manufacturing dates and there you have it.

Do not buy an electronic flash unit that is older than this, because flash, like anything else, has a lifespan. 12-years is a serious amount of time. I personally have flash units (AF4000 and AF2800) from 1985 ... which still work great, but definitely do not work on the SONY A100, because Minolta's hot shoe went through a proprietary REDESIGN in 1995.

Sony kept this redesign on the A100, so ... my AF2800 & AF4000 are effectively unused with the digital camera, although they work great on my Minolta Maxxum 7000 & 9000 bodies.

This proprietary "REDESIGN" really ticked off a lot of retailers, when they did so, and Minolta made a number of mistakes and alienations in this regard. It was strictly a "business move", because it really did nothing for the flash photography aspect of the camera. In fact, the ill-will it caused between professional photographers and Minolta was only placated when Minolta released the FS1100 & FS1200 Hot Shoe adapters (extremely hard to get a hold of, these days) allowed the flashes to be interchangeable between the pre-1995 and post-1995 flash units and cameras.

The compatible Minolta flashes you want to look for use on your A100 are:

1) Konica Minolta (Minolta) Maxxum 3600 HS (D) TTL
2) Konica Minolta (Minolta) Maxxum 5600 HS (D) TTL

They are effectively the same as the SONY versions, but SONY has rewrapped them and given them shorter names ... oh, and jacked the price up a couple hundred bucks. :(

As far as lens go ... if it is a Maxxum AF compatible lens ... it should work on your A100, plain and simple.

Here are a couple of shots that I hope clearly illustrate this point:



You need no list ... just stay away from pre-1995 equipment.

Good luck :D

05-26-2007, 05:31 PM
Thanks for the response. Sorry if I've asked a repeat question. I thought I read every entry in the Sony DSLR forum. It certainly feels like it with the amount of time I've spent here going though the posts. I even did a quick google search but couldn't seem to get a clear answer. Thanks for the detailed response.

05-26-2007, 10:31 PM
I went through the forums, because I know this issue has been addressed in the recent past, but I could not find the detail on it directly. It may be hidden under some other questions ... so I apologize for coming off rather abrupt. :o

Everything I did address is precisely the way it is. The Minolta original flashes (3600 or 5600) are exactly the same as the SONY ones (36 or 56), but at a very reduced price, by comparison. You would do well to go to ebay and purchase a Minolta one, rather than pop for a SONY name brand one ... or use one of the really older flashes.

Good luck on your selection. ;)

06-03-2007, 08:57 PM
Is the minolta 50mm f/1.7 lens older than 1995? It works on the a100. Also the 28-80xi zoom lens (for minolta 7xi) works perfectly with the a100.

The 3500xi flash works, but fires full-power. That makes my old flash useless for this camera.

Don had recommended a flash made for the 5d/7d that's cheaper than the sony flashes.